From board design and manufacturing to PCBA and Box Building. From simple one or two sided boards to high complexity multi material boards. Low, medium or high volume - Whatever you need.

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Case Study: Extreme heat dissipation solution in PWB stage

Electronic devices releasing large amounts of heat during their operation require heat dissipation solutions in the shortest possible time. You are invited to read the full case study


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Our Leadership Team

At PCB Technologies, our management team works with autonomy, expertise, and purpose to deliver projects we are proud of. We believe in striking the right balance between work and life, treating everyone as a trusted family member. This aligns with our goal of leading and inspiring our company, clients, and community towards a better and smarter future.


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Holistic Philosophy

From sketch through to complete assembled system, our engineering team looks at the COMPLETE process and tailors the best solution for our customers based on an end to end design rules.

High Standards

Bare Boards, PCBA or Integration - Everything we do for our customers MUST perform Every Time and On-time! Our 40-years' experience of producing boards for defense and aerospace has made us an international leader in our field. Our AS9100 and Nadcap certified quality system – demonstrates our commitment to perfection.


We are continuously developing new technologies and solutions and engaging with world leaders in developing new materials and equipment. This, along with our highly experienced team and in-house laboratory, is the reason why Technology-driven companies start their products’ design with us.