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All-in-One, from circuit design through assembled and tested PCBA to full system integration

We offer one-stop PCB design, fabrication and assembly. We deliver high technology, advanced printed circuit boards and assemblies, all in very short lead times. This enables you to reduce the time from idea to finished product. With the partnerships we have in place, we offer our customers the support needed from the first sketch phase through to layout, production and assembly. Allowing you to be the first to market with higher yields and attractive cost structure.



Our Customers portfolio is wide including Military, Aerospace, Medical and Commercial industries. Overcoming complex challenges is our day to day business relying on our use of standard, high-end and also exotic materials as well as on utilizing advanced machine park and manufacturing techniques. Our vast experience and unique expertise are at your service allowing you a quick, no headache solution to your electronic manufacturing needs.




  • Schematic and Layout design
  • PCB bare board production
  • PCBA population and test
  • Full Box Build / System Integration

Board Layout

  • Schematic and layout trimmed to customer needs.
  • Optimizing choice of materials
  • Design review and recommendations for testability


Board Design

  • Recommendations on selected materials
  • Feedback & recommendations on layer stack-ups
  • Assistance in planning controlled impedance
  • Recommendations on “Design-to-Cost”
  • Layout review & DRC reports



Engineering final review to assure design rules implemented according to manufacturing standards



  • Technologist supervision of each production stage during the NPI process.
  • Advanced SAP ERP system enables full traceability of each batch.
  • FAI Report



  • 100% electrical test applied on ALL manufactured boards
  • In-house HATS lab


Assembly (PCBA)

  • Designated Project teams
  • Option for full Turn Key service under one roof
  • From PCBA to full systems integration
  • Complete Engineering support – FMEA, NPI, DFP & CIP
  • Full in house Testing: ICT, FP, CT, X-Ray and more
  • Global purchasing - Lower costs, Shorter Lead time



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