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What kind of solutions does PCB Technologies deliver?

We like to consider ourselves as an All-in-One Company. Our customers serve highly demanding industries with rigorous requirements and our responsibility is to support their competitiveness by providing them a set of solutions that include:

  • Early stage design support backed with DFX reports
  • Recommendation of materials
  • Hybrid possibilities
  • Wide selection of multilayer PWB types: Rigid, Flex-Rigid, Multi-Flex
  • Thermal management by applying 2D,3D Aluminum/Copper heat-sinks, cavities and more
  • Mechanical & electrical system design
  • Full New Product Introduction (NPI) process
  • From bare-board to fully assembled platform under 1 roof
  • Wide range of testing stations: HATS, J-Tag, ICT, Flying Probe, Boundary Scan, 3D X-Ray for BGA soldering quality
  • Quick turnaround of complex PCB including assemblies
  • Small to high volume production through cooperation with our offshore manufacturing partners
  • Additional offshore locations in the USA and Europe offering front warehousing services, mechanical assembly and final assembly

Does PCB Technologies meet the high standards expected of the defense and aerospace industries?

Does PCB Technologies work with low-loss fabrication materials?

Does the company have an R&D department?

Is PCB Technologies a public company?