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PCB Services

All-in-One, from circuit design through assembled and tested PCBA to full system integration



Board Design

  • Schematic & layout trimmed to customer needs.
  • Optimizing choice of materials
  • Design review & recommendations for testability
  • Feedback & recommendations on layer "stack-ups"
  • Assistance in planning controlled impedance
  • Recommendations on “Design-to-Cost”
  • Layout review & DRC reports

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Pre-Production & Production

  • Engineering final review to assure design rules implemented according to manufacturing standards
  • Technologist supervision of each production stage during the NPI process.
  • Advanced SAP ERP system enables full traceability of each batch.
  • FAI Report

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  • 100% electrical test applied on ALL manufactured boards
  • In-house HATS lab


Assembly (PCBA)

  • Designated Project teams
  • Option for full Turn Key service under one roof
  • From PCBA to full systems integration
  • Complete Engineering support – FMEA, NPI, DFP & CIP
  • Full in house Testing: ICT, FP, CT, X-Ray and more
  • Global purchasing - Lower costs, Shorter Lead time

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